Tribute to 2009 Goudey - Brayan Pena

Brayan Pena, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 2009 Goudey
by Goose Joak

Brayan Pena is an emerging star for the Kansas City Royals. And by that, I mean he has a chance to be a pretty decent player, which means he is a star on the Royals. My wife and I met Brayan during Spring Training and got a kick out of him.

For fun, I've posted the same card, as a tribute to 2009 Topps, over at the Custom Card Blog. It's the first time I reused a picture of a baseball player on more than one tribute card. I did it to highlight the differences between the two sets.Hope you enjoy!


  1. He's an emerging star. In 2008 with the Braves he had a 50% line drive rate. Compare that with Sir Albert Pujols (he's reached knight status) who has only a 15% line drive rate this year and it's only a matter of time before Brayan Pena and his 2009 goudey are household names and artwork.


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