Best of the Best

In three years, I made over 1500 cards.  Including collaboration projects, we made over 2500 cards.  What a ride it has been.  Thank you for making it so fun.

Here are my favorites of all time. 

Original Cards
5. Carl Crawford - 2009 Goose Joak Original
The photo does all the work here.  Zack Greinke is the pitcher.

My favorite of the 2010 collaborative set.  You can tell that I like to the star as a design element.

Borderless.  This just works for me.

A really fun card to make

Tribute Cards

Fake gold foil! Also, I think the photo fits the card to a T.  

Was featured on his Twitter profile for a while

4. Carlos Pena, 1990 Fleer Soaring Stars
Saw it over on the Autographed Cards blog

3. Mike Jacobs, 1970 Topps
Jacobs is actually wearing a Marlins Jersey in the photo.  I made this in the offseason he was traded to Kansas City.

2. Felix Hernandez, 1994 Fleer
Monochromatic joy

1b (tie). Brad Hawpe, 1952 Topps
I got to invent a Rockies logo for the 1950s.

1a (tie). Josh Hamilton, 1952 Topps
I got to invent a Rangers logo for the 1950s.

Thank you for all your interest, support and input.  It has truly been a blast.