Update from Spring Training

Saw Mariners @ Royals last night. Joakim Soria was not to be found. But O-soria was! He looks a lot like Kelvim Escobar with the glasses.

Franquelis Osoria, Kansas City Royals
by Goose Joak

Also was lucky enough to get a few autographs. We had seats down the left field line, by the bullpen, which was perfect. The Royals would sometimes stop there between innings.

Zack Greinke:

Zack Greinke, Brayan Pena, Tommy Murphy:

Brayan Pena, Tim Hamulack:

Tommy Murphy:

Murphy was really nice. He signed for a deaf child next to me, then chatted up his mother about Curtis Pride, who he said was a good friend. Brayan Pena was a ham, smiling and winking at my wife. Should I worry if Brad Hawpe does the same? (see Schruender's commentary)

All in all a very fun experience. Today we'll go to Rockies @ Dodgers.


  1. Hmm...I'm sure Pena was just being friendly. The Royals need their loyal fans to continue being their fans.

  2. that's awesome Dave! More pictures!!!

  3. That is awesome! I didn't know that you were heading down to Surprise.

    Did Grienke sign that for you after he got pulled and was headed for the clubhouse? If so, I may have saw you last night on TV and not realized it.

  4. Oh yeah, try to find Mahay and get a good photo of him.

  5. Yeah! Greinke signed for me after he was headed for the clubhouse. So if they showed any of that, there's a decent chance I must have been on camera. I was getting cut in front of by little kids so I was probably standing there longer than anybody else :)

    You know what, I was stalking the bullpen for a photo of Mahay. Never saw him. They had a tarp like thing covering most of it, unfortunately.

  6. Brad Hawpe, where were you? :(


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