Tribute to 1993 Studio - Brad Hawpe

Brad Hawpe, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1993 Studio
By Goose Joak

Here is a tribute to Brad Hawpe in the style of 1993 Studio. I really like this set. For me, the run of Studio cards from 1991-1993 was quite awesome. Many collectors may disagree, but I liked reading about how Craig Biggio's pet peeve was Casey Candaele, and I liked reading that Ozzie Smith liked smooth jazz. The tidbits were fun and brought you closer to the players.

And -- admit it -- the photography was great. Sometimes embarrassing, but absolutely fun (Sammy Sosa, anyone?) Take a look back at this era of baseball cards -- most sets were dominated by action shots. Simply by way of contrast, the posed shots of Studio really stood out.

This is my second tribute card of the 1991-1993 Studio era.


  1. I completely agree with your thoughts on early 90s Studio. I love the '92 set and am just a couple cards from completing the "yearbook"!


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