Tribute to 1991 Studio - Scott Rolen

Here is a tribute to 1991 Studio featuring Scott Rolen. Scott Rolen is an all-star 3B best known for his days with the St. Louis Cardinals. For a long time he was a fan favorite. Today he is a bit more inconspicuous, struggling with injuries and playing in Canada. Despite nagging injuries, he still consistently rates as one of the top defensive 3B in either league.

In addition to being a great player, Rolen also is an easy guy to root for. He is a great competitor, and his sportsmanship is second to none.

And, perhaps most importantly, he is my wife's favorite player!

As mentioned, Rolen is featured here in the style of 1991 Studio. Overall this is a good set, and it was pretty innovative at the time. Players were featured in portraits rather than action shots. The photography was black and white.

In addition to being innovative, 1991 Studio is actually home to my favorite baseball card of all time. Wondering which card it is? I'll give you one clue:I will rule out this card, which is still charming in its own, high school yearbook kind of way.


  1. Ozzie with the glove in front of his mouth?

    My favorite was... '92 or '93 studio where a player's pet peeves were listed on the back.

  2. You are indeed correct about the Ozzie Smith card.

    Jeff Bagwell's pet peeve: Casey Candaele
    Craig Biggio's pet peeve: Casey Candaele
    Casey Candaele: Not in on the joke?


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