Tribute to 1971 Topps - Brian Tallet

Brian Tallet, Toronto Blue Jays
Tribute to 1971 Topps
By Goose Joak

Probably the most random tribute card to date. I hardly know anything about Brian Tallet except that, like Clay Zavada, he has a really cool mustache. It's not a blue-collar 'stache like Sal Fasano's. Nor is it a porn-like mustache, a la Kent, Jeffrey. It's not even a masculine mustache, like Tom Selleck. Brian's is more of a gunslinger mustache. And I like that.


  1. Me, too:

  2. Which begs the question; Why haven't you done a Clay Zavada card?

    I wonder how thick Brian Bruney is going to grow his stache in?

  3. To me, since I wasn't around in 1971, the mustache speaks of 1971 and thus Brian Tallet missed his era by a generation.

  4. I think that Charlie was referring to Clay's Rollie Finger-esque new 'stache.

    Did the see the game when Tallet pitched against the Royals? Ryan thought that he looked an awful lot like Frank Viola. I thought that that was pushing it a bit.

  5. Wow, the Rollie Fingers-esque 'stache is incredible. Definitely deserves its own card.

    I didn't see the game Tallet pitched against the Royals...but Frank Viola? I'm with you Zach, I think that's a bit of a stretch!


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