Goose Joak Showcase: TJ

Here's a fresh set of original cards sent to me by TJ, a Phillies fan and Goose Joak Original collaborator.

Quintin Berry, Reading Phillies
by TJ

Vance Worley, Reading Phillies
by TJ

Mike Stutes, Reading Phillies
by TJ

Michael Taylor, Reading Phillies
by TJ

Joe Savery, Reading Phillies
by TJ

Brad Harman, Reading Phillies
by TJ

The design on these is pretty outstanding. The soft gradient at the bottom goes really well with the drop shadow behind each player.

I also like how TJ cropped each player out of the original photograph. It adds an extra dimension of quality, since a lot of minor league photos are snapshots with auto-focus settings. The way he lowered the opacity on the background helps give it more of a "professional photograph" feel to it, which I really like. (That said, these are good photos to begin with).

Does anyone else think these cards would be great for autographs?

TJ also has an impressive collection of Phillies autographs, highlighted by the 2008 World Series champs and going way back into the earliest days of Philly baseball. If you're interested, you can check them out below:

Major League Autographs
Minor League Autographs
Goose Joak Original Autographs (scroll to the bottom)

Thanks TJ for the awesome work. I think it's a very fresh look!


  1. Great work! I wish the R-Phils would consider hiring TJ to design their 2009 set.

  2. Thanks so much! Jim you should call the RPhils and ask them if they can let me design for them LOL


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