Bobby Thigpen Returns! Tribute to 1991 Elite Series

(Note -- I wrote this a few days before a certain package from Brian at Waxaholic arrived. As you can tell, I really like '91 Donruss Elite Series)

The dream has come true!

I finally have a 1991 Donruss Elite Series card! And it's signed!

Thank you Photoshop, and thank you to Jeremy for the excellent idea and scans. The signature here actually is the real deal, unlike my last attempt, which was a facsimile signature.

This is almost cooler than the real thing. Thanks for making this happen, Jeremy!

P.S. If you're like me, and you can't get enough early Donruss Elite Series, take a look at this card. And this card (scroll to the bottom), which I am now the proud owner of.