Cards from Friends

I want to share some of the great cards I've gotten through the mail recently.

First up, Mike from Addicted to Wax pulled a really nice Scott Rolen and thought of my wife, since Rolen is her favorite player. Mike sent it along, no strings attached, and it arrived a couple of weeks later.

It's a very interesting card because two of the corners are rounded, like a credit card or something. It's also nice to pick up Vladdy in an Expos uniform. Nice little side bonus! Val was very happy with this card, and we've had it out on display. Thanks Mike!

Next, I won a contest so to speak, being the first to comment on a post over at Autographed Cards. Zach had doubles of a Henry Rodriguez autograph and offered to send one of them out if anyone were to claim it. I frequent his site quite a bit, so I had a pretty decent chance at it. Low and behold, I got it!

I'm a sucker for posed shots like this, especially when guys are hamming it up like Rodriguez is here. Nice autograph and beautiful uniform, too.

Next, I got something that totally blew my mind.

Oh my gosh!! It's a Ron Mahay signed Goose Joak Original!!

Totally got me. As I told Zach from Autographed Cards, who sent it to me, this instantly becomes one of the elite cards in my collection, probably among the top five. Beautiful autograph, and Zach did a phenomenal job getting the card printed. It looks phenomenal. I couldn't believe how sharp it was, really. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the scan above.

Zack also included a note explaining how he got it signed, which was awesome. Apparently Mahay was taken aback by the card and had to ask Zach where he got it. So Zach casually told Mahay about the Goose Joak Originals set. I got a big kick out of that.

But it gets better. Reading Zach's note, I knew there weren't many Mahay cards to begin with. However, I had no idea there were only two major league cards of him in existence. Zach later explained via email that Mahay was a strike breaker back in 1994/1995. So correct me if I'm wrong, but that likely means he's not allowed in the MLBPA. So that explains the shortage of Mahay cards. Well Ron, the Goose Joak Originals set has a card of you, and the GJO Cardboard Box has another two of you. So you're well represented here, MLBPA or not!

Anyway, if you can't already tell, this was quite an amazing gift from Zach. Awesome signature, awesome story, everything. I know I've already told you, but Zach, thanks so much.

It's amazing how thoughtful the baseball card community is.

Oh yeah, and then there's this other little thing I got yesterday. A series of packs from Brian of Waxaholic, now a fantasy baseball league-mate as well.

Some great packs, really, right around the sweet spot of when I started collecting.

1990 Fleer (Awesome, as I got a kick out of Jeff at Card Junkie when he went through these)
1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier (Canadian, how appropriate!)
1991 Fleer (YES!! I've done a couple of tribute cards of these)
1991 Donruss (my all time favorite set)

And there is a note attached to the 1991 Donruss that says "enjoy...but open this one last"



My heart is starting to beat a little bit faster. Why would he say that...

ok, so let's open the others.

1991 Fleer: Mike Pagliarulo, Bob Ojeda, Action Jackson, Bill Long, Mike LaCoss, Danny Jackson, Darrel Akerfelds, Xavier Hernandez, Dave, Mohorcic, David Segui, Al Newman, Bill Landrum, Eddie Murray, Greg Myers, Mets Team Logo Sticker

Nice pack with Murray. The Bill Landrum is a really cool shot, getting some serious torque out of his windup. So is the Murray actually, getting extension on a big follow through, body spread wide, standing on his front heel and his back toes.

1991 OPC: Pudge Fisk, Tino Tino, Steve Be-ar-drosian, Kevin Mitchell, Mike Boddicker (brings back memories of Royals team sets), Doc Gooden

This set is PREMIER so there are fewer cards in the pack. Nice loot though.

1990 Fleer: Ed Whitson, Todd Stotttlemyre, Jeff Parrett, Gene Nelson, Jimmy Key, Waaaaaallllllyyyyy Joyyyyynerrrrr!, Dan Darwin, Dale Mohorcic, Andrew Benes, Thomas Gordon, Bryn Smith, Chad Kreuter, Mike Davis, Doyle Alexander, Major League Prospects - George Canale & Kevin Maas, Fleer Action Series Stickers - Braves, Cubs, Reds, Astros

That Kevin Maas would have been quite the pull back in the day. I think he was even on the cover of Beckett.

Gene Nelson looks like a dead ringer for Dennis Eckersley. UER?

And finally, with my wife watching, we bust open the 1991 Donruss pack.

1991 Donruss: Brent Knackert, Felix Jose, Steve Balboni, Paul Abbott, Bud Black, Jim Neidlinger, Atlee Hammaker, Lance Blankenship, Fred Lynn, Bill Haselman, Matt Williams, Frank Wills, Greg Colbrunn, Ryne Sandberg MVP, Puzzle Piece of Willie Stargell's crotch...

(oh, and what's this?)

Doug Drabek Elite Series!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!! I just pulled a flippin' Elite Series out of 1991 Donruss!!!! My holy grail of insert cards! This is the one I've wanted to pull above all others.

Brian may have added a little bit of luck to this pack, eh?!! Wow.

Oh wow. Beautiful, beautiful card. Look at it!

Ahh! Brian, thank you so much.


  1. imagine that, eh? 1 of only 10,000 and it's in the one pack I send you.... wow!

    hope you enjoy it my friend... good to see it in a good home.

  2. Nice pull! After the Bobby Thigpen hoax of yours, I thought that you were kidding again. I guess not. I guess it does pay to open junk wax. Congratulations!

    And, no problem about the Mahay. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

  3. Love the Ron Mahay card, very nice.


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