Sprinting Out of the Gate!

Good Opening Day for team Beso Yogurt!

.400 OBP
.593 SLG
5 Runs
0 SB

Thank you Ludwick and Hanley.

Ian Stewart played, but didn't do much. 1/3 with an RBI. Might have had more if they didn't pull him on a double switch. Hope this isn't a recurring thing.

Ian Stewart, Colorado Rockies
by Goose Joak

Pitching was...well, see for yourself.

11 IP
11 K
1 W
9.00 ERA (ugh)
1.55 WHIP (ugh)

Great K/BB numbers from Nolasco and Cliff Lee (11:1), but some nasty numbers otherwise. Nothing to be too worried about. But I have a very short leash with pitchers, so don't expect me to put up with this for long! Pitch and (all too often) ditch is the way to go.