2009 Goose Joak Originals - Second Update!

I got a ton of great emails and comments today regarding the 2009 Goose Joak Original Cards!

First off we've already got more collaborators on board! A standing ovation goes out to the following bloggers:

- White Sox Cards - emarking on a White Sox sponsorship, appropriately enough!
- Canucklehead - the Blue Jays and/or Brewers! A possible dual-sponsorship!
- Chris D'Orso, a Mets fan, is also in the mix! He is looking for a particular team or set of players to take on.

That brings us up to six or seven team sponsorships, which becomes seven or eight if you count me! Also, in addition to the sponsorships listed above, another sponsorship or two may be in the works :) More on those if they come to fruition!

* Quick FYI -- For those of you without templates, I will work on finalizing them up over the weekend and get them out to you shortly!

Again, I send out a serious thanks to everyone who is interested in collaborating. This is turning out to be so much cooler than I expected. I love how other people will be making their mark on this set. If you want to get on board but haven't yet, definitely just let me know!

Speaking of collaboration...JT sent some original Philly and Cincy photos to use on the cards, which is just awesome! I've got 'em downloaded and am going to check them out first thing tomorrow morning (well, Saturday morning anyway)!

Speaking of MORE collaboration...we've got some cards already hitting the web! It was the Card Junkie who started us off right. He's already got two of the best Pirates, one of Nate McClouth and one of Adam LaRoche. Both cards are flat out awesome! Definitely check them out and don't feel shy about telling him how great they look. I wasn't. I especially love the angle on the LaRoche card. Pure awesomeness.

Finally...as I got back home tonight (Friday) I received an awesome email from Paul, who already has put together eight original Mets cards! Just like the Card Junkie's, these look fantastic! I really dig the player selection as well and photography. I think Paul shares my love for AAAA players.

Paul, it's totally up to you whether you want me to post them on this site or whether you want to post them on your site and have me set up a link -- just let me know! I'll set up specific links for all collaborators shortly.

Looking forward to some awesome cards!



P.S. - Can't say enough about how everyone's enthusiasm for this idea is really appreciated.

P.P.S. For handy reference, here's a full list of collaborators, by interest:

Paul from Paul's Random Stuff - New York Mets

Dave from Fielder's Choice - Tampa Bay Rays

Jeffrey from Card Junkie - Pittsburgh Pirates

White Sox Cards - Chicago White Sox

Canucklehead - Toronto Blue Jays and/or Milwaukee Brewers!

Chris D'Orso - Possibly New York Mets / looking for a team

plus a few wild cards in the works!


  1. I would love to see my cards on Goose Joak.

  2. Dave, I'll post the cards I my site if you want. I just thought you'd want to keep everything together in one place.

    I hope to have the rest of the returning Mets players finished this weekend, though I'm having a bit of difficulty locating a suitable photo for Carlos Muniz.

  3. Man I can't wait this is very exciting! If anyone has original Jays or Brewers Photos please let me know. I've already found tons of great ones but am more than willing to see other photos as well!

    As soon as I get the template I'll put together a couple cards from each team send them to you! If you think they look good I'd love to sponsor both teams!

    I also had an idea for a subset...Players that have left the teams in the team uni with their backs photographed! ex. I have a pic of CC's Back in a Brewers uni that just looks awesome...no idea what to call the subset though! If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know on that as well

  4. Canuckle, I love the idea of the back photographs! That sounds awesome. I'll go through my photos and see if any would work as well.

    Paul and Jeffrey, I'd be more than happy to post the cards here! Once I get a few more templates off the ground I'll start getting new cards up every day. I've got a few more on my end as well that are ready to go :)

  5. Hey a total left field (see what I did there) thought...we should do a High-five subset, with people just high-fiving! Some really great pics out there!

  6. I'll give the A's a try. If you send me the template. I have a few question. How do you change the text to keep the font consistent? Do you send the templates with the players name?

    tastelikedirt at yahoo dot com

  7. Really really cool and exciting stuff all the way around. Great job helping to organize all of this Dave.

  8. tastelikedirt...thanks!!! I've now got some templates coming your way! Funny enough, I was actually considering asking if you had any interest in doing the A's. I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now :) and I know you've got a lot of original photographs that'd be awesome.

    I think the idea of emphasizing high fives is awesome. I think it gets back to the fun element that Night Owl alluded to in his blog bat around.

  9. And thanks Schruender, I appreciate it!


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