Thinking of Getting a Dog?

Eric Hosmer
Tribute to 1995 Donruss

Winter is an amazing, affectionate, intelligent dog.  In May, he was surrendered by a puppy mill.  And by surrendered, I mean dumped at a shelter!  The mill was being investigated for animal neglect and had to close.  Sadly, this story is far too common.  Luckily a rescue group stepped in and put him into foster care.  Our foster care!

We were fortunate to foster Winter for six weeks this summer.  Fostering him was a magical experience.  He even attended a Storm Chasers game!  While in our house, we nicknamed him Hozzie, after Eric Hosmer.

Today, Winter is happily adopted in his forever home!  Things are going incredibly well, and the new owner is very happy with his new dog.

If you are interested in getting a dog, I strongly encourage you to consider a rescue group.  Rescue groups can tell you a lot about their dogs' personalities.  They provide a great opportunity to find a dog that will fit your lifestyle. 

My wife and I volunteer for the following organizations.  They really do incredible work.

Hearts United for Animals
Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue / National Shiba Rescue

I have also heard great things about Best Friends Animal Society.  Of course, your local humane society is always a great option too.

There are so many great animals that need a home.  If you are interested in learning any more, please feel free to post a comment and get in contact with me.


  1. One of my co-workers was just telling me today that they got a puppy from a shelter. From what I gather, the process if often a win-win. You save money on a pet in a lot of cases and you help a pet that low on luck.

    The only problem is whenever your dog gets his name called at dog kindergarten his name the instructor will think you meant homey.

  2. Well said on all accounts Mark!! Thanks for posting that.


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