Lorenzo Cain
Omaha Storm Chasers
Goose Joak Original

Photo courtesy of Minda Haas.  Like I said earlier today, her latest gallery is just incredible.

I think if Minda ever wanted a career in sports photography, it is hers for the taking.  Wow!  I can't get anything close to this awesome.  Not even remotely close.  And 99.9% of people can't.

Lorenzo (dubbed Lo-Cain by the ever-chatty Jarrod Dyson) is having an all-around amazing year for Omaha.  Great at the plate, but also incredible in the field.  He's one of the few all-star type players not to have been called up to KC yet.  I'm hoping they at least keep him around for the playoffs, if Omaha can hang on.  It's been like...15 years or something since Omaha has made the playoffs!

Lorenzo, along with Irving Falu and Jesse Chavez, are three of the fan-friendliest players on the team.  And it is a very fan-friendly team to begin with.