Baseball Number 5

I have never caught a foul ball, but I have collected five game used baseballs during my lifetime.  Here are the tales of all five.

Ball number 1
The scene - early 1990s.  Probably '92 or '93.  Thrown out from under the Omaha Royals dugout.  I now have it signed by about ten players.

Ball number 2
Tossed into the stands by Matt Murton, fresh off the bat of Matt Kemp.  Spring Training 2009. 

Ball number 3
Traded for with a bat shard we got from a clubbie.  No worries -- we still had another bat shard to keep.  Omaha Royals season finale, 2009.

Ball number 4
A bullpen catcher flipped a ball over his shoulder, and it rolled to the edge of the new bullpen fence at Werner Park.  I grabbed it after the pitcher was summoned to pitch.  Opening Day, Omaha Storm Chasers 2011.

Ball number 5 (pictured)
Tonight -- tossed to me specifically by Jesse Chavez!  Super nice of him to do so. 


  1. Cool! So what's the chance of getting a Storm Chasers signed ball? Do they do a good job signing before or after the games?

  2. Darkship, they've been REALLY good about setting up specific times for autograph sessions. Not every game, but every now and then. As far as random encounters before and after games, I haven't seen as much as I had at Roosenblatt. But I may have just missed them! I'll keep my eyes out for it!


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