1998 Ultra - Mike Moustakas

Mike Moustakas
Omaha Storm Chasers
Goose Joak Tribute to 1998 Ultra

Photo courtesy of Minda Haas.  It's positively big league and was begging for a borderless card to show it off. 

In unrelated news, I watched some WCWS at a hotel this last weekend.  It was a ton of fun.  I loved the pace of the game and the relentless pressure on the defense.  There was no such thing as a lazy out.  It's probably the closest thing I'll ever see to baseball in the 1800s.  Plus, the Baylor players were so spunky and fun.  Maybe it would be obnoxious to play against them, but they were very charismatic to watch and easy to root for.


  1. This card is ridiculous. That picture is simply amazing. I don't think you could have chose a better card design to put it on.

  2. I appreciate the kind words about my picture - and Dave, great job with the card, as always!


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