Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter - Mike Moustakas

Mike Moustakas, Omaha Storm Chasers
Tribute to 2009 Allen & Ginter
Photo Courtesy of Minda Haas

Alright!  I'm on the board with my first ever Storm Chasers card.  Absolutely love this shot of Moose.  It just oozes swagger!  The picture (sans card) currently doubles as my desktop background.

I've seen two Storm Chasers games so far this year (three if you count the exhibition in KC), and in the second, Moose just crushed a line drive HR to right.  Very consistent with what I saw last year, but with some added plate discipline.

For the uninitiated...Minda Haas is an Omaha Storm Chasers employee and saber-savvy media member/blogger/photographer/sports activist.  Her photography and commentary is just awesome.  The Storm Chasers really don't get a lot of local coverage, so when I found her blog and flickr albums, it was pretty mind blowing.  Suffice to say I'm excited to be showcasing her photography on these cards.  It really lets me showcase my own interest in this team.

More to come!  Should Hosmer be next?