Guest Custom Cards! And six degrees of Brent Lillibridge

Every now and then I get emails from people looking to make their own custom cards.  I was in for a very nice surprise when reader Rob sent me a few of his customs last week.  Take a look for yourself! 

I was very impressed and asked if I could share them on the blog.  Rob happily obliged.  

Rob's a big TTM guy, so if you're into autos, definitely check out his blog.  I'm hoping to see a few of his own customs on there soon.  For my money, there isn't a much cooler collectible than getting one of your customs signed.  Well, that, and finding out that one of your customs is on Twitter as a player's twitter profile!

As far as my own customs, I have two signed, and they're both enjoyed a lot.

As far as new stuff, I've been very busy.  I'm working on something new courtesy of the excellent Minda Haas...kind of a legend in these parts of the country, and soon to be expanding out west!  We've collaborated before and I think the next cards will be even better!

Until next time!



  1. Those are great custom cards, looks like a very nice vintage Fleer set from the 1980's.

    That Lillibridge thing is awesome, somebody's been Googling themselves.

  2. I'm assuming that Hosmer is part of that new operation?

  3. Thanks!

    And Schruender, absolutely!


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