It's not easy being a cowboy!

Joakim Soria
1992 Goose Joak Original

1. The best RSS/wire photography in the major leagues...hands down...belongs to whoever shoots day games at Comerica Park.  There is no competition.  

2. Royals are off to a nice start, eh?  Soria, not so much.  Call me in July if he still has an ERA over 3.00.

3. Storm Chasers evened their record to 2-2.  Home opener Friday.  PUMPED!

4. Doing well in my keeper league.  Jared Weaver is carrying my pitching.  Last week I called him out as my Cy Young pick.  We'll see if he and Kershaw live up to my expectations.

5. H2H league...well I was up 7-3 at one point.  But that fell apart.  Ugly first week but as GMDM says...TRUST THE PROCESS!  Losing my three best hitters (Dunn, Stanton, Drew) for parts or all of the first week didn't help.  

6. Heritage league...going pretty strong!

Week two!  Let's run this.