Goose Joak Tribute to 1995 Pinnacle...and Roll Call!

Joakim Soria
Goose Joak Tribute to 1995 Pinnacle

If you're into custom cards, in particular Royals, check out "A Hair Off Square."  Some very neat things going on over there.

Speaking of which, if you're a custom card maker, and I don't have you on my blog roll, chances are I don't know about you!  So leave me a comment below!  The landscape of custom card makers seems to have grown in the last couple of years, and I like seeing what you guys are doing.


  1. Thanks for pointing me towards A Hair Off Square. There's a lot of great stuff over there.

    And I was going to recommend Dick Allen Hall of Fame for its custom cards, but I see you already have that one listed.


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