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I have never -- until now, and only now -- used this blog as a vessel for non-baseball related topics, but I wanted to share this with anyone in earshot.


The quote I relate to:
‎"Baur has long since realized that most people don't agree with him — at least not enough to go vegan. This is less about social change or a movement than a moral decision each individual has to make."
This is something I relate to very personally.  If you see things differently, that's ok.  But I encourage you to at least think through and rationalize your own position on the subject, regardless of what it is.

Thanks for at least considering this.


World's Largest Vegetarian


  1. Awesome link Dave I've been a Lacto-ovo Vegetarian for over 20 years, not for health reasons, but for compassion reasons.

  2. Right on! Exact same reasons here. Thank you so much for sharing.


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