Goose Joak Tribute to 1996 Upper Deck - Aramis Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez
Goose Joak Tribute to 1996 Upper Deck

Preseason Ranks
Hot Stove: #14 3B
FB365: #11 3B
Razzball: #11 3B
Mock Draft Central: #10 3B

Aramis turned 32 last year.  Did he suddenly forget how to hit?

Here is his OPS+ by year since he became a Cub:

That 92 looks like an aberration to me.  Throw out his first half (injury?) and it was right on target: 132 OPS+ post All-Star break.

I'm not fooling myself into believing that Aramis is a top tier 3B, or that he is suddenly going to play 162 games.  But at a thin position, he's the kind of guy who I think is worth a flier.  Not a HUGE upside play for sure, but other than Alvarez, what is the upside play at 3B this year?  Compared to the possible waiver wire flotsam being drafted in his vicinity, I'd happily roll the dice on Aramis if he falls where I think he might.


  1. I picked him last year when he was cut ... needless to say he was cut again ... Injuries and a horrible surrounding line up are part of the problem. The Cubs have been one of those teams lately that seem to be stuck, striking on FAs and little help from the minors.

  2. Yeah...agreed on the injuries and lineup. Plus, at age 33, that is playing with fire a bit...


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