Goose Joak Tribute to 1962 Topps - Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder
Goose Joak Tribute - 1962 Topps

Prince isn't the type of player I normally take an interest in.  He's a hulking power hitter, whereas I tend to like pitchers, minor leaguers and underappreciated middle infielders.  

But I like Fielder.  He seems like a pretty cool dude, a family guy, and is probably the world's largest vegetarian.  That third thing is what puts me over the top.  I like that he helps to break the vegetarian stereotype.  Same goes for Pat Neshek.


  1. That is one of my all-time favorite sets.

  2. Better than 2011 Topps Heritage!


  3. Thanks! You know I forgot Topps was doing this for their Heritage set this year!


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