First Mock Draft of 2011

R1 1B Miguel Cabrera, DET
R2 OF Matt Kemp, LA [CF]
R3 2B Dustin Pedroia, BOS
R4 OF Andrew McCutchen, PIT [CF]
R5 OF Jason Heyward, ATL [RF]
R6 RP Joakim Soria, KC
R7 SP Tommy Hanson, ATL
R8 SP Max Scherzer, DET
R9 3B Aramis Ramirez, CHC
R10 C Carlos Santana, CLE
R11 RP John Axford, MIL
R12 RP Craig Kimbrel, ATL
R13 SP Javier Vazquez, FLA
R14 SP Jeremy Hellickson, TB
R15 SP Brett Anderson, OAK
R16 OF Drew Stubbs, CIN [CF]
R17 RP Joe Nathan, MIN
R18 SS Reid Brignac, TB [2B]
R19 RP Jonathan Broxton, LA
R20 SP Jhoulys Chacin, COL
R21 C Chris Iannetta, COL
R22 C Jesus Montero, NYY
R23 SP Brian Matusz, BAL

Kind of a strange draft.  No MI or CI, and only three OF.  But here goes.

This shakes out as:
C-Carlos Santana
1B-Miguel Cabrera
2B-Dustin Pedroia
3B-Aramis Ramirez
SS-Reid Brignac
OF-Matt Kemp
OF-Andrew McCutchen
OF-Jason Heyward
UT-Drew Stubbs

I was really surprised about these players.  They were round 15 or higher; pretty much free if you wanted them.
Joe Nathan 
Desmond Jennings 
Adam Jones 
Ted Lilly 
Chris B. Young 
Jhoulys Chacin
Brett Anderson

Overall I would be very happy with this team.

For my keeper league this year, I was coming off three consecutive championships.  When I saw that I wasn't winning last year, I made trade after trade with contenders to try and build for 2011.  I finished 11th, but I think I accomplished my revised goal.  We keep up to four players (no round values or $ attached), and I walk into this year with Pujols, Utley and Reyes.  Happy days.

I would love to have a shot at Prince Fielder (who is a FA in our league) but let's see.  I would strongly consider trading Pujols for Fielder + something nice.

Three favorite fantasy baseball resources.  All three of these sites do a phenomenal job challenging your assumptions and doing meta analysis -- that is, critiquing conventional wisdom and groupthink.

Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove - Mark does a phenomenal job with player comparisons and challenging your assumptions.  The blog really seems to be gaining steam.  I feel like I learn something new every time I read his site, and more than any blog, it helps me mellow about about getting one or two targets.

Fantasy Baseball 365 - One of my most trusted sources for sleepers.  Very forward thinking and always digging for the next big thing.  I find that I agree with a lot of what Charlie says.  In my draft with him last year,  he kept shouting out 'cliche!' with about half my picks.

Razzball - The most skeptical, they humorously break down groupthink.  The main contributor, Grey, is very risk averse.  It is a good balance to have when I get excited or turned onto a player (e.g. Carlos Santana, Brandon Morrow).  Especially Santana.  No matter how good his stats are, I have to remember that I'm drafting a guy coming off major knee surgery.  Who happens to play catcher!  I'll still try and get him, but patience!


  1. Hey Goose, love that there are other fantasy junkies here!!! Always have been a fan of Razzball, good baseball stats along with the right mix of humor. I might stay away from Kemp this year, I don't think he has the right work ethic ... one of those guys that I just don't think will be a superstar, and at round 2, you want consistency, not gambles. Good luck and maybe we can get a league going on here.


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