Baseball Cards from Dave & Buster's

I have been to Dave & Buster's twice in my life.  The first time, I used our ticket winnings on a John Buck plaque (I repeat...a card/plaque combo of former Royals catcher John Buck).  Before he was an 'All-Star.'  Amazing.

Tonight, I found an equally-if-not-more cool baseball related find.  A Mike Montgomery card!

Interestingly enough, the Montgomery was actually on display.  They were nice enough to let me swap one of my random pack cards for the Montgomery, which I had been hoping to pull.  Now unfortunately I accidentally gave them a Mike Stanton, but that's beside the point!  I thought it was like a 2% chance they would actually let me swap anything in the first place!  


  1. That's pretty cool. How many tickets did the packs cost?

  2. I think they were 135 tickets. For $10 worth of games I got enough tickets for five packs plus it netted out pretty decent.


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