Ringing in the New Year with an Adaptation of 1922 Exhibits - Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes
Adaptation of 1922 Exhibits
by Goose Joak

This card is adapted from an amazing 1922 set called "exhibits."  I made the card ENTIRELY within pixlr, which is free, web based and doesn't require a software installation.  No Photoshop whatsoever for the first time in Goose Joak history!

In related news, I recently sold my stock in Adobe.

The "ingredients" for the card are all shown below.  

Hope you enjoy!  Happy new year!


  1. That's a neat-looking custom.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year Dave! Awesome card and thanks for the tip on pixlr.

  3. Cool. Gonna have to check out this pixlr thing myself.



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