Reader Request - 1987 Topps Jerry Sands

Jerry Sands
Tribute to 1987 Topps

Sands is a top prospect in the Dodgers farm system.  I love the logo for this team!  So I looked it up...Plan B strikes again!

If anybody knows of a better font for this one...I'm all ears!  I couldn't find a cartoon 


  1. The font for the 87 Topps looks like "Marker" if you have access to it. It may be "Marker-felt" or something like that.

  2. Great work. I love 1987 Topps and I love Jerry Sands. The kid is a frakin' stud.

    That's a great picture of Sands, He looks like he's really concentrating on his homerun trot around the bases.

  3. I used Comic Sans for '87 Topps. Not a perfect fit, but close enough for me. Although I like what you used better than the original.


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