Merry Christmas from Goose Joak and Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer
Goose Joak Original - Special Edition
by Goose Joak

Here's a special edition card I made and printed for Toph over at Crackin' Wax.  I won't post the back because I want it to be a true 1 of 1 for him.

The card was part of a customs trade.  I made the Mauer in exchange for an original Joakim Soria.  Check out the digital version below:

Joakim Soria
Game Day Graphers
by Crackin' Wax

The back is even more mind blowing in my opinion. Toph commemorates Soria's 100th career save, which I'm going to display with pride next to my scorecard from Royals Scorecards

An awesome trade and just outstanding work by Toph.  That is some high quality stuff.


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