Omaha Royals are now the Omaha Storm Chasers

Got to meet Jason from Plan B Branding at the shindig tonight.  Very cool.  I was already a huge fan of their work and this is no exception.  They have really made a name for themselves in sports graphic design.

I love the name change and LOVE the branding.  Flat out amazing stuff in my opinion.  

The hat with the O-bolt is my favorite but there's so much to like!

I got a hat and Val got an awesome sweatshirt!


  1. I like the nickname & logo, but, No.... this is just not right. O-Royals is sort of classic. Why do they want to mess with it?

  2. 1. New park
    2. KC was getting a cut of all merch due to Royals brand
    3. Royals aren't exactly a winning franchise that evokes a lot of pride
    4. Other than association with the parent franchise, Royals didn't really have any meaning to the Omaha area

  3. 5. Plus it gives negotiating power if they want to look at other parent clubs

  4. Very cool that you were there for the launch. I love the new logos and am always adding cool Minor League hats to my rotation. Looks like I might need a new hat...

  5. I like it... where can I get a shirt?

  6. Cool!

    The best place to get gear is the online store, here:

    Or you can go directly to the team shop (location unknown at this point!) if you live in town.

  7. In terms of point number 5 that is kind of a reality. I can't claim to be a fan of any minor league team - just the teams that happen to be affiliates with the Red Sox. That said, I would think that people who are fans of minor league teams naturally fall into the category of being a fan of the parent club, but I guess they fall into the same stance as me. Whatever is around the players they come to know is who they root for.

  8. Completely agreed Mark. My opinion of KC is highly influence by their association with Omaha. I hadn't thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense.


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