Tribute to 1982 Topps - Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols
Tribute to 1982 Topps
by Goose Joak

This is Albert's tenth big league season.  Did you know that he has finished in the top ten in MVP voting...every single year of his career?  

1st - 3
2nd - 3
3rd - 1
4th - 1
9th - 1

I suspect this year will be no different.  

He's also been an All-Star every single year of his career, save for his second season.  That's right, the year he finished second in MVP voting.  The year he was hitting .294/.393/.579 at the break.

He's been a .300 hitter every year of his career.  I hope he keeps that up.  


  1. Nice card.

    I almost want to disqualify Pujols from the MVP voting - it takes the fun out of debating who should win the award when he's the best candidate nearly every year.

  2. I traded Pujols, Strasburg and 3 fill ins for Matt Cain, David Price, Tommy Hanson, Juan Pierre, Ryan Howard & K-Rod (pre punch). Its a keeper league in which you get to keep three players and keep them until whenever. Essentially I am going for it all this year. Needless to say it's a lot harder without Albert in the lineup.

  3. Thanks!

    I'm pulling for you. Hope the gambit works out.


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