Royals Top Prospect - John Lamb

John Lamb, Wilmington Blue Rocks
Tribute to 1992 Upper Deck
by Goose Joak

John Lamb is one of the Royals top pitching prospects.  At the opening day age of 19, he has exploded onto the scene, advancing from A, to A+, to AA in a matter of months.  He's striking out over 10 batters per nine innings, walking just two  per nine.  It's clear that John has wasted no time making his case for future Royals ace.  And did I mention he's just 19 years old?

The picture was taken by Lamb's father, who writes a blog about his son's baseball career.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  I'll be pulling for Lamb to take his place alongside Greinke and the other Royals top prospects in 2011 or 2012!

The Royals really do have some outstanding prospects now, and Lamb is certainly among the very brightest.


  1. I knew that the Rocks added powder blue to their color scheme this year, but I didn't realize they had powder blue stirrups, too. Those things are fantastic!!

  2. First off nice post and excellent card.

    I saw Lamb pitch in Winston-Salem. I wasn't that impressed. Truth be told I was kind of shocked when Baseball America had him on the prospects hot sheet until I went and looked at his other starts. All that said I still think Lamb isn't as good as the hype machine makes him out to be. I also think he's the Royals 2nd best pitching prospect (behind Mike Montgomery - even with Montgomery's arm injury).

    He didn't dominate in W-S when he faced the Dash and I think that was because the Dash are a more patient team at the plate (they were batting close to .300 as a team) versus the other teams in the Carolina league being more free swinging. I've thought for a while that we'd get a better picture of Lamb's talent when he faced more mature hitters.

    Will Lamb turn out to be a great MLB pitcher? Only time will tell, he's only 20 and has plenty of time to mature in the minors before the Royals call on him.

  3. Yeah I really like these uniforms too! It's starting to be an exciting time to follow the Royals. I think they did great with their trades this year, especially that short pitcher they got from the Braves. Sounds like he's reporting to Omaha, so I'll make a point to keep my eye on him next time they're back in town.

  4. PAB, thanks for the first hand account! Interesting in that it may foreshadow something of a learning curve for John in the coming months. I do take solace in the fact that John is so young.

  5. Yeah, I was very happy with the trades this year, too. Now, if only we can find a taker for Guillen...

  6. Dave,

    Nice site and keep up the great work!

    I can't take the credit for the photo...the picture was taken by Keith Lovett during one of John's home games in the Carolina League. Keith Lovett is one of the better photographers I know in baseball and he was kind enough to take some extra pics for the family!

    Thanks for following my son's "young" professional baseball career!


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