Omaha Royals Seek Input From Fans

The Omaha Royals move into a brand new ballpark next year.  To stir up interest, the team is asking fans to suggest a team name.

I'm pretty partial to "Omaha Royals" but nevertheless I submitted a team name.  My suggestion is a play on words: the Omahabeneros.  Hot like a muggy Omaha Summer, with a tip of the cap to the many authentic Mexican restaurants around town.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this "pun" actually has precedence.   Back in the 1800s, there was actually a professional baseball team called the Omaha Omahogs!

If I were to really get ridiculous, I could suggest the Omaha Seranomahabeneros!

For the nostalgic among us, here are the Omaha baseball teams of years past.  I think there are a lot of good names in there.

Omaha Royals - 39 seasons
Omaha Rourkes - 16 seasons
Omaha Cardinals - 13 seasons
Omaha Omahogs - 7 seasons
Omaha Buffaloes - 7 seasons
Omaha Packers - 6 seasons
Omaha Golden Spikes  - 3 seasons
Omaha Dodgers - 2 seasons
Omaha Crickets - 2 seasons
Omaha Indians - 2 seasons
Omaha Robin Hoods - 1 season
Omaha Rangers - 1 season
Omaha Lambs - 1 season

Above is a depiction of the Omaha Crickets jersey, courtesy of the Infinite Baseball Card Set (a very cool project, I might add).

So, maybe there's a chance!


  1. I think that it is weird that they are doing this, especially after how well the last name change went. Maybe they are hoping to become the Sarpy County Royals or something. Though I like your name, I hope that they stay the Omaha Royals.


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