Ranking the Best and Worst License Plates...Continued!

39. Wisconsin

Comments: Too much clip art.  Too busy.

38. Idaho

Comments: Trying very hard here.  But why is the sky red?  And do potatoes grow in the mountains?  I really think the slogan should fit the imagery.

37. Florida

Comments: The colors look like Florida, which I like.  But it's a bit hard to read the text at the top.

36. Kentucky

Comments: I like the horse logo.  And it's a good fit for the state slogan.  They could really have something neat by making it the focal point.

35. Nebraska

Comments: Like Kentucky, I think the covered wagon image could have been emphasized a lot more.  The state outline is really unnecessary.  

Compare this to the 2011 licensed plate and you have a clear winner.  Is it sad that I'm excited to get these plates come January?

It wouldn't rank as my #1 of all time or anything, but for me it is a huge improvement.

So, to date, we have:

51. Rhode Island
50. Vermont
49. Alaska
48. New Hampshire
47. Indiana
46. New York
45. Georgia
44. Michigan
43. Pennsylvania
42. Massachusetts
41. West Virginia
40. North Carolina
39. Wisconsin
38. Idaho
37. Florida
36. Kentucky
35. Nebraska

Most of the upcoming plates are pretty decent.  To highlight one of my favorites:

North Dakota is definitely in my top five, I'll say that!