Dream Card Acquired

As a kid, my favorite player was Ozzie Smith.  He was the first player I knew in Major League Baseball.

One year for Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a perfectly centered Ozzie Smith RC.  I mean it -- PERFECTLY centered.  The corners were a tad worn, but the card was otherwise flawless.  And if you know the background behind the Ozzie RC, you know it's virtually impossible to find a perfectly centered card. In my eyes it was a one of a kind card.

In college, the Ozzie card was stolen.  As the single most important card in my collection, it was a tough loss.  

I've searched to find a replacement for years but have never been satisfied with the centering.  That is, until this week.  Check it out!

Granted, it's not a 100% perfect center, but it is dang close!  It's the best one I've ever seen, save for th eone I had before.

And did I mention this was just $12?!

This leaves one single card left in my wishlist.  2009 Topps Zack Greinke (Black Wal Mart Border).  It retails for only $0.50 or $1.00 but is quite impossible to find.

I would also splurge on a Soria or De La Rosa bobblehead, were their teams ever to give one away.


  1. Thanks!

    Also, it sounds like my last card may also be on its way too!

  2. Very awesome.

    The Ozzie is on my all-time list.

    Those sideburns.

    Oh, and the impressive HOF career.


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