1994 Collector's Choice

Zack Greinke
Tribute to 1994 Collector's Choice
by Goose Joak


  1. How do you get the different fonts for the cards. That's one of the main things keeping my cards from looking realistic.

  2. Just sent you an email Jeremy! For anyone interested...

    I'm not sure what fonts came from where on my machine, but generally speaking I find the most compatible fonts to be:

    Arial - nice basic font
    Georgia - nice serif font
    Times New Roman - another nice serif font

    But the best fonts among all are the family of Franklin Gothic fonts. I have six of them on my machine. Each one is weighted a little differently, and between the bold/italic/faux bold options on each, you can match just about anything with a "typical" non-serif font. Plus, on my old version of photoshop you can play with the "tracking" which is the spacing between the letters. Between that, and then changing the scale of the font (horizontal or vertical in minor increments if necessary) you can custom match about anything without having to be too precise about the actual font. I'd say I've only matched the "true" font on probably 5%-10% of my cards, but usually a few days later I can't tell the difference.


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