Omaha Royals Birthday

Goose Joak
2010 Goose Joak Original
by Goose Joak

I had an Omaha Royals birthday.  It was really fun.  The Royals won a 1-0 shutout against Nashville.  It's great since they are actually in a pennant race.  I guess that's what happens when you don't promote two of your best players in the organization.

Several times a year, the O-Royals wear special one of a kind jerseys and auction them off after the game.  This was either the third or fourth time I've been to such a game.  But it was the first time we tried to bid on one.  And we won.  On the card, you can see the game-worn and autographed Kurt Mertins jersey that we won in the auction for cancer research.  Hard to argue with $65.  We chose Kurt Mertins because he was the smallest guy on the team, and I'm a fairly small guy.  Definitely not baseball material.

Also, in the picture, you may notice some dirt underneath the "Om."  It was from a dive into second base, as Mertins was picked off by the opposing catcher!

Just an awesome day.  I owe a huge thanks to my family and especially my wife for making it so memorable.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday. That looks like a great present!

  2. Thanks!! Yeah it was a great present. And I am starting to feel old. Actually, Chipper Jones retiring makes me feel old.

  3. If you can't win a pennant on the pro level why not give the Dave's of the world something to cheer for in Nebreska?

  4. And a very happy birthday to you.


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