1994 Upper Deck Stan Musial

Stan Musial, Cardinals
Tribute to 1994 Upper Deck
by Goose Joak

A few weeks ago I was coloring this Stan Musial photo and asked for your help in choosing a card design.  I got a lot of great responses.  It was tough to pick, but what jumped out at me most was 1994 Upper Deck.  The set features a black and white inset photo of the main photo, which would make it a perfect match for the coloring project.

I'd been wanting to do a card from this set for a while.  What held me back was the gold foil stamping.  I wasn't sure how to replicate that in Photoshop.  But, over time, I have been working at it and found a few ways to get pretty close.  In this case I am pretty happy with how it came out!  I feel pretty good about the coloring too for my first try.  

Thanks again for all the great suggestions!  I may do a few others.


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