Yadi Bear Molina

Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals
Tribute to 1995 Score
by Goose Joak

We went to a Cardinals game Friday night.  Three observations:

(1) Before every Cardinals at bat, a graphic of the players' heads would bob up and down across the mini scoreboards.  We liked this.  It looked a lot like the card you see up above.

(2) This was our second game at Busch III.  For a new stadium, I was disappointed. The concourse feels very removed from the game, cavernous, even.  I didn't mind this at Busch II (nor do I mind this at Rosenblatt) but after experiencing the renovated Kauffman and even Coors Field (and heck, even Haymarket Park), it was a letdown.  I'm surprised St. Louis doesn't do more to immerse you in the game while walking the concourse.

(3) As rich as the Cardinals history is, the Stadium doesn't seem to celebrate it.  I guess I wanted more Ozzie Smith.  By comparison, Kauffman makes you feel like the Royals of the 80s are the 1927 Yankees.  Maybe this is just a function of the Royals being bad though.  Maybe they have to celebrate history instead of the product on the field.

I guess I just enjoy baseball history.  I'd think St. Louis fans would feel the same way.  I mean, I used to be one growing up!

Side note: this set, along with 1991 Donruss and 1993 Donruss, is one of my most collected sets of all time.


  1. The Phils took the path of celebrating their history at practically every step as you're walking through Citizens Bank Park. Each of the 4 gates features a statue of a Phillies Hall of Famer and there's a mini museum situated in the outfield, within view of the play on the field. The walkway in Ashburn Alley (the concession stands beyond the outfield wall) features stepping stones with a separate marker for every Phillie to ever make an All-Star Game. And there's much, much more . . .

    I'm disappointed the Cardinals didn't do more - they have such a rich, winning history and it's a shame not to flaunt it a little.


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