Tribute to 1988 Score - Joakim Soria

Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 1988 Score
by Goose Joak

Here's a shot of Joakim Soria from Sunday's game.  Do you like the powder blue hats?  I do.  They are new for the Royals in 2010.

This year, as usual, Soria is a joy to watch.  He is definitely commanding the strike zone.  Nine innings, just one walk.  And fourteen strikeouts.  That's Mariano-esque.

Strangely, this success comes at the demise of his curveball.  Usually it's his best out pitch, but not so this year.  Instead he is compensating with his two other offspeed pitches (slider and change).  

Off the field, Soria seems to have the reputation of a well-to-do family guy.  I have no way of knowing whether this is really true.  But I get that vibe.  


  1. I love '88 Score and the powder blue unis. Put together, I think that this might be your best card to date!

  2. Nice work there. I loved the '88 Score set as a teenager. Years later, I pulled two of the Greg Walker "93 of 66" error cards out of unopened packs of this set. Brings back a lot of memories...


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