Tribute to 1968 Topps Game - Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio, Houston Astros
Tribute to 1968 Topps Game
by Goose Joak

Short, scrappy and one heck of a player.  Fifth all-time in doubles.  Second all-time in hit by pitch.

As Bill James has said, Biggio was a phenomenal secondary player.  That is, he excelled at all aspects of the game that were either less obvious or harder to measure (GIDP, HBP, ISO-HR, baserunning, defense).

Never seen one of these in person but I like them!  If anyone is familiar with the set, I'd be curious to know if each player had multiple versions (i.e. Biggio Strikeout, Biggio Double, etc.) or if the outcomes were fixed for each player.  And furthermore, were the outcomes based on that player's tendencies (i.e. Aaron would be HR) or just random?  The choice for Biggio was pretty obvious.  That or hit by pitch.

You know, about fifteen years ago there was a similar insert in Collector's Choice.  At least, it was similar in concept, even down to the rounded corners.  But stylistically it was more Pearl Jam cover than baseball card. Wait, that's giving that album cover way too much credit.


  1. That is a fantastic looking card! Even the rounded corners look worn from wear and tear.

    As for the set, I have never seen one in-person myself and I have no idea about the outcomes. Hopefully, someone will stop by here with some answers since I am now curious about that as well.

    I've been watching your little flickr sideshow here while I have been typing this and I chuckled to myself when I saw the Mark Teahen, Second Baseman, card come up.

  2. Truly a player you have to watch day in and day out to appreciate.


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