Goose Joak Originals

Goose Joak Originals are my homemade baseball cards.  After years of enjoying the hobby, I decided to come up with my own designs!

Each year I release a new design.  The design is completely open source, so you can download it yourself.  Baseball card fans from around the world (like you) will download it and create cards of their favorite players.  As a group, we pool all the cards together to create our own set of baseball cards!

In 2009 we had the largest base set of any baseball card set, period.  The final set was over 900 cards!

2010 Goose Joak Originals
2009 Goose Joak Originals
Goose Joak Original Blog Entries

If you would like to contribute, shoot me an email and I'll give you access to the templates.


  1. We're already close to 100 cards for the new year! Kudos!


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