Around the Horn with an Original Baseball Card Set!

Here is a sampling of the 2010 Goose Joak set.  The cards are from a variety of contributors from across the world!  We're already up to 20 collaborators.  It's all open source.

If you want to see more, you can always check out the latest cards on this blog.  The spinning widget on the upper left hand corner always shows the latest 10-15 cards that have been uploaded.

If you want to see the entire set, you can check out the stream at

There's even an RSS feed.







Lots to enjoy all around.  If you're interested in contributing, drop me a line here and I'll send you a link to all the templates.

I like the way different people spin these cards too.  Last year we had WBC contributions from the Hamiltonian.  JT gets unique photos you won't see them anywhere else, since he takes them in person!  And some people scour the web for the most unique photographs.  Probably the best in that category so far is the Mark Reynolds card from gcrl.

If I remember correctly, this card of Rickie Weeks was probably the consensus favorite from last year.  Hat tip to Mike for the excellent work there.