All Kinds of Awesome

Early frontrunner for GJO card of the year?  I think so!  Here's Jim's entry.

Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers
2010 Goose Joak Original

Cool on so many levels.  If I may:
(1) The stadium lights look like flashbulbs going off as Braun strikes an iconic pose. Braun's back is turned to the camera in a show of cool.
(2) Braun is deep in meditation, completely relaxed, one arm at his side.  He is going to take somebody yard and only needs a casual, one handed swing to do it
(3) There is a visual awesomeness of the overcast sky fitting perfectly with the card's color scheme
(4) There is a great visual symmetry between the tall, thin stadium lights and Braun's lanky frame
(5) The stadium lights high in the distance are an appropriate visual metaphor for Braun's light tower power
(6) Braun's reach is superhuman, above and beyond even the tallest stadium lights. Perhaps he's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound