Keeper League Spot Open!

Ok, so it's two weeks before the draft, and I've gotta scramble a bit.  One more spot has opened up in my keeper league, totally unexpected but sometimes that's how it goes.  My brother (who I've played fantasy baseball since 1994) is graduating, moving, taking a new job, trying to pass the bar and raising a puppy.  So with things piling up, it's completely understandable that he's offering up his team this year.  

The interesting thing is, it's a flat out ridiculous team.  He was in first place most of last year and came up just short in the final week.  Of all the teams going into next year, it's arguably the most loaded.  We're talking Pujols, Mauer, Haren, Halladay, Ellsbury.  Jeez.  The only team remotely close is Crawford, Tulo, Zimmermann, Hernandez, Greinke, Carpenter.

If you're interested, please comment on this post.  I'm looking for somebody who loves baseball and loves to play fantasy baseball at a high level. Most of us have been playing for a long time and are uber competitive about it.  The other new guy we added this year is a blogger named Dan, and so far I'm really excited about what he brings to the table.  Awesome fantasy baseball pedigree.

Last year every single person was active the entire year. So suffice to say we have a really great group of people. 

About the League
12 Team Mixed
5x5 Roto
Hitters: Runs, RBI, SB
Pitchers: Wins, Saves, K, ERA, WHIP

Keep four, no round values attached. You can keep each player a maximum of three consecutive times.

Again, if interested, or if you have any questions, please let me know.


  1. And no, you can't swap teams either! Heh. My wife already asked about that.

  2. Goose, if you'll have me I'd love to be in! My uber-competetive keeper league folded two years ago (craziness better forgotten), and I'm jonsing to be in another one!

  3. Dave, tell your bro to man up, lose the dog, and be at the draft.

    This is make believe baseball damnit! Everything else is secondary.

  4. Hahahaha!

    Crawford is signed up, so it looks like we're all set!


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