Thoughts about first draft of the year! Fantasy Baseball 365 League

Homer Bailey
2010 Goose Joak Original
by Goose Joak

I usually do just one league a year, but this year I'm doing two.  This is the new league.  My wife and I will be co-managing a team!

Overall very excited about the results of the draft.  I employed a few basic strategies and stuck to them pretty well:
  • For hitters, focus on two things: team balance and perceived value
  • For pitchers, focus on two things: elite relievers and discounted starters with high k rates  
And above all, remain flexible.

I spent more time studying hitters than at any point in the last several years and was very pleased with the outcome.  Based on Chone projections, we could have 42-46 points of offense on tap.  A little low in RBI and maybe AVG, but very healthy in SB, HR and R.  

That being said, projections go out the window on day one.  So I am not too concerned about these perceived surpluses and deficiencies.  The goal, for me, is to have a balanced team within striking distance of third place in most categories.  And I think we did that.  

For pitching, I was really pleased with the outcome.  I resisted the urge to draft De La Rosa and instead drafted his cheaper clone, Jonathan Sanchez.  I missed Colby Lewis and Rich Harden but got most everybody else on the list (including Sheets, dubbed the Jurassic Park goat).

Some other thoughts:
  • I drafted Heath Bell in every mock draft, and that held true today
  • I could have had Ben Zobrist in the fourth but opted for Dan Haren
  • We have four outfielders and all their names start with the letter B (Bay, Beltran, Bruce, Bourn)
  • Brad Hawpe is MIA!  We'll see what we can do about that
Thanks to everybody who participated.  It was a phenomenal group of people and I'm really looking forward to the competition!


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