Tribute to 1988 Score - Jorge De La Rosa

Jorge De La Rosa, Colorado Rockies
Tribute to 1988 Score
by Goose Joak

Ringing in the new year with one of my favorite players.  And a new design!

The 1988 Score set is pretty tame, but I like it.  Lots of solid colors and monochromatic color scheme.

One thing I don't get, though, is the color coordination.  The colors were coordinated by card number (i.e., 1-100 are all purple) rather than by team (i.e. all Cardinals get red borders).  Unless of course you know of a "Padre Green" or "Yankee Purple" that I'm unaware of!

Makes for neat complete set, but rather odd if you were a team collector.


  1. Nice - you've created a card that would fit in the real 1988 Score set.

    The border design did work well if you were displaying the full set (well, except for the few transition pages in your binder that had the stray odd-color card.) I never cared for the way my Mets team set displayed, though.

  2. Very, very cool. I've always liked this set and this card is framed perfectly.

  3. I agree with Paul. The Phillies team set clashes with itself in my '88 Phillies binder.

    Great new look to the blog!

  4. I can dig this. Like the new layout of the site too.


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