Tribute to 1981 Topps - Wandy Rodriguez

Wandy Rodriguez, Houston Astros
Tribute to 1981 Topps
by Goose Joak

Participated in my first mock draft of the year, and thought I'd share the results!  Mostly did this off the cuff, using one Excel spreadsheet to help cue some names.

Standard 5x5, projected to finish third using MDC's projected stats.  So not too bad.  I usually make 100+ transactions per year though, so I always take projected stats with a grain of salt.

Pos Name Pick
2B  Chase Utley  R1 P4
OF  Grady Sizemore  R2 P9
1B  Adrian Gonzalez  R3 P4
SS  Ben Zobrist  R4 P9
OF  Adam Dunn  R5 P4
OF  Nelson Cruz  R6 P9
RP  Joe Nathan  R7 P4
RP  Joakim Soria  R8 P9
SP  Ricky Nolasco  R9 P4
3B  Chipper Jones  R10 P9
C  Geovany Soto  R11 P4
RP  Billy Wagner  R12 P9
SP  Wandy Rodriguez  R13 P4
OF  Nolan Reimold  R14 P9
SP  Jorge de la Rosa  R15 P4
SP  Brandon Webb  R16 P9
OF  Josh Willingham  R17 P4
SP  Erik Bedard  R18 P9
SP  Jonathan Sanchez  R19 P4
SP  Rich Harden  R20 P9
SP  Colby Lewis  R21 P4
RP  Felipe Paulino  R22 P9
SP  Gio Gonzalez  R23 P4
DH  Travis Hafner  R24 P9
OF  Scott Podsednik  R25 P4
DH  Pat Burrell  R26 P9

I was astounded at the quality of pitching I could get near the end of the draft.  I drafted nine starters, heavily back loaded (rounds 9, 13, 15, 16, 18-23) and wound up with the second best projected staff in the league.  And that's without taking into account my Cy Young aspirations for Felipe Paulino!  For some reason they had him tabbed as a RP.  Ha!

Zobrist, round 4?
Reimold, round 14?

Nelson Cruz, round 6
Chipper Jones, round 10
Wandy Rodriguez, round 13

Overall I would feel pretty good with this squad.  I would need a stunt double for Chipper Jones at 3B if this were a real league, and I'm really low in batting average (I am way too used to OBP).  So that will take some practice as I gear up for FB365.  But overall very happy!


  1. Never heard of that Soria guy you drafted in the 8th round... ;)

  2. FYI: I think Bedard's supposed to be injured until May.


  3. Goose Joak we need a pitchers and catchers addition asap!!


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