Test Your Baseball Knowledge!

Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Rays
by Goose Joak

Have you ever played Sporcle?  I'm addicted.

See if you can name the 100 most prominent left fielders (by games started) from 1994-2009.  Tell you what -- if you can beat my score, I'll make you whatever tribute card your heart desires.

Tip of the cap to Paul of Paul's Random Stuff, who occasionally hosts "Sporcle Saturdays."

The only rule is that you have to do it from memory.  However, if there's a question of spelling, it's ok to google the player's name.

The score to beat is 58/100.  My biggest miss was Carlos Lee (71% of people got him).  My biggest hit was Marty Cordova (14% of people got him).  Don't ask why my brain is able to remember Marty Cordova but not Carlos Lee!

If you're interested, leave your score in the comments section!


  1. Just took the quiz for 1990-2009 Royals lineups. Not quite sure how they picked the lineups (was it % of games? Opening day? Wasn't quite sure).

    Anyway, I got 128/200. I felt humbled, although it was decent (supposedly 92nd percentile). Somehow missed Bo Jackson (59%) and Frank White (54%), but somehow I thought of Tim Spehr (4%) and Gerald Perry (2%).

    Another observation, after looking through the list. Were these guys made up? Brandon Berger, Hector Ortiz, Brian Johnson. Seriously I have no clue who they were, not a single recollection. The rest of the names at least rang a bell.

    Final observation -- they sure stuck with Carlos Febles, didn't they! You starter from 1999-2003. And yet 50% of quiz takers remembered him.

  2. http://www.sporcle.com/games/arod14/19902009royalslineups

  3. 64/100
    Biggest Miss - Reed Johnson (64%)
    Biggest Hit - Luis Polonia (8.6%)

  4. I only got 43 out of 100 and I missed two in the top 10. I think I might have done better if the late 90s hadn't been included.

    I'm glad somebody else enjoys Sporcle. :)

  5. 56/100
    hit - David Dellucci
    miss - Albert Belle

    check out 1976 Topps Project and A Giants Blog, Matt always has these quizzes up on his blogs. Drives me nuts.

  6. 43/100
    too shamed to see how i compared

  7. I think left fielders are probably as hard as any other position, especially in the outfield. Center fielders are known for speed, right fielders are known for their arm. Left fielders are...dang it! Much tougher.

  8. RWH, nice work! Name the player and set, and I'm there.

  9. I'd love to see a Tim Salmon custom card. I'll let you pick the set that would work best for you. Thanks.


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