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So in 2009, I bought a whopping total of...$6 in baseball cards (packs and singles).  My wife bought $4 in packs.

For a baseball card blog, that's insanely low.  I guess that's what happens when you can photoshop pretty much any card you ever dreamed up.

However, my wife and I just completed an awesome purchase.  Here is the haul:

Scott Rolen Game Used Bat, Game Worn Jersey, Plus Autograph, Card #'d to 10 (woah)
2007 Fleer Brad Hawpe
2009 Goodwin Champions Short Print Brad Hawpe

Jorge De La Rosa Bowman Refractor RC (Actual RC) #'d to 300
Jorge De La Rosa Game Worn Jersey Card from Futures Game (nice!!!)
John Mabry Auto (on card)
Kila Ka'aihue Autographed Patch Cards (K and H -- K for my last name, H because it was only $3)
2009 A&G Mike Aviles Mini
2009 Topps Refactor Joakim Soria

With shipping...about $35!  I'm quite happy.

Only cards on my wishlist are:
Topps Ozzie Smith RC, centered perfectly (stolen from my parents' house as an undergrad)
2009 Heritage Joakim Soria
2009 UD Icons Joakim Soria (I had it in my shopping cart, but somebody nabbed it)
2009 Topps Black Wal Mart Zack Greinke


  1. That is insanely low! Glad to see the budget expanded for 2010.

    I've been pleased with a recent Checkoutmycards purchase as well.

  2. I LOVE the Soria in team Mexico jersey! that is REALLY nice... I have never bought anything off of checkoutmycards, but I am starting to consider it... I have an Ozzie Smith rookie that is razor sharp, but very much off center...

  3. I agree with Troll, that Mexico Soria card is awesome!

  4. Thanks!!

    Oh and Troll, congrats on the Gummie!

  5. Hang on you got a De La Rosa game worn jersey for how much? Did I read that right?

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  7. 但, thank you for the insightful comment, that totally added a whole new dimension to the blog.

    Mark...just a game worn jersey card. Still cool but not nearly as impressive as the whole jersey!

  8. Things that don't exist:

    1. Vampires

    2. Yeti

    3. Safe Cigarettes


    4. Topps Ozzie Smith RC, centered perfectly. :)


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