Tribute to 1993 Cracker Jack 1915 Reprints - Brian Buchanan, the Greatest Relief Pitcher in the Entire History of the PCL

Brian Buchanan, Omaha Royals
Tribute to 1993 Cracker Jack
by Goose Joak

Outfielder, designated hitter and mop up reliever for the Omaha Royals. An absolute favorite of mine. He's pitched eight innings over the last two seasons, and guess what, he has a 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio! Got to see one of those outings live and it was awesome. He put up a scoreless frame.

At this point, "Buch" (Byouuuuuuuuuk) is 36. I just think it's awesome how he's hanging out and playing the sport he still loves. In a recent minor league set, Buch posed for his photo as a pitcher. If I find the card, I'll show you. How cool is that?

The guy was actually a decent major league player, with an OPS+ of 102 in 346 career games.

Hope he's back next year!

[Edit 11/12/2009] - I found the card of Buch pitching. Courtesy of


  1. got to see him pitch this year against the Portland Beavers

  2. I did not know that he pitched, too. That is always cool.

    I'm loving the O-Royals card, especially this one.

    On a side note, have you seen any renderings for the new O-Royals ballpark? I haven't seen squat and I was hoping you might know of a link that shows what the new park will look like.

    Also, what do you think of he Teahen trade? I don't think it is a bad move, but it certainly leaves the outfield a little bare. I was also surprised to see Olivo's option bought out. Maybe Pena will be the starting catcher after all.

  3. Buchanan is awesome! I saw him play live in the Minors in 1996 when he was with Tampa, and then in the Majors in 2001 or 2002 when he was with the Twins.


    Zoom in and you can see they used pictures of Greinke, Bo and probably John Buck around the concourse. Not sure about the other player!

  5. I just read on Omaha's site that Brian is going to manage the Royals rookie team next summer in Idaho Falls.

  6. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great news! KC OR BUST BABY!


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