Tribute to 1999 Topps Chrome Lords of the Diamond - Joaka

Joakim Soria, Kansas City Royals
Tribute to 1999 Topps Chrome - Lords of the Diamond
by Goose Joak

One of the more ambitious tribute cards I've yet to try. The design is pretty complex, which makes it harder to erase the old player and add the new player.

I got the idea to do this card by digging through my current collection. I've been gathering up Phillies and set up men for Jim and Schruender, respectively, and in doing so I'm coming across some cards I had forgotten about. This card was one of them.

I was a bit of a Nomar collector at the time (one result of being a John Mabry collector is that you had to collect complimentary players, since you could go multiple card shows without ever finding a Mabry card). I must have bought the Nomar card off of, since I've never bought more than one or two packs of Chrome in my life. Not a huge fan of Chrome, but this is a neat looking insert. Definitely speaks to cards of the era.